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The Forum Value Mall @ Whitefield, Bangalore
The idea
The primary and basic concept behind the Forum Value Mall was to bring the best known factory outlets you've seen, under one roof. A one-stop mall for companies that either had factory outlets in the city or were planning a move in that direction.

The basic promise was good brands, good value and good pricing - which the label conscious, price sensitive shopper is looking for these days.

In keeping with the visual profiling of The Forum Mall, we worked on a blueprint that was futuristic. With wide open interiors, a lot of breathing space, and a spacious footprint for each brand with a high-visibility store-front. The Value Mall would also have the other mall related facilities such as a food court, specialty food outlets, gaming / entertainment and well-planned traffic generators.

The value proposition
Our close working relationships with brand owners at the Forum gave us deeper insights into managing integrated retail environments. It also gave us the opportunity to analyze the investment > transaction > cashflow cycle. Based on this, our project team has worked on a model that we call Effective Working Capital Management. A highly rationalized project planner that validates and
weighs in each investment head against the overall benefits of the buy-in opportunity.

At the Forum Value Mall, the model throws-up the inherent benefits of the offering. Lower space costs, lower maintenance costs, lower facility charges and the sales tax brackets that apply to Factory Outlet sales points.

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